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The Abundance Alchemist Podcast

Aug 10, 2022

“We must overcome our biggest obstacle - ourselves - for the life we are meant to live.” - G Marxx

Come and learn how to put the ancient Chinese discipline called Tao - or The Way - to work for you by having the wisdom to know what you are about, the courage to live the life you are meant to live, and the patience to do it every day. You will learn to make your time serve you instead of merely serving time while on this planet, and that sometimes our biggest obstacle looks us in the mirror every morning.

Tao asks for nothing more than the life you are meant to live. It also demands nothing less.

You don't have to be brilliant, you don't have to live down the ages - though some do - and you don't have to be great.

You only have to be you.

So let's go; the life you are meant to live awaits.

G Marxx is a pen name. He's lived every lesson offered in this book, and he hopes you give yourself the opportunity to do the same.

You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • The Power of Tao
  • How to make your time serve you
  • Why we have to have the good and the and, failure, and success, the yin and the yang
  • How to let go of the “slots” others try to put us in


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